The Bridge Ep. 45: Frank Schwab, NFL writer and editor for the Shutdown Corner blog for Yahoo Sports, joins the show to discuss his career as an NFL beat writer and help breakdown some of the major storylines in the NFL

Frank Schwab
Frank Schwab

Nobody circles the wagons like the National Football League. Yes, the biggest story in the sports world is by far the Chicago Cubs winning the 2016 World Series and snapping a 108-year-old winless streak. Alas, because The Bridge is a weekly show, the sports world doesn’t always align with the recording of the show. Because Game 7 of the World Series would be held one hour after this show went live on Sports Radio America, there was no sense in trying to preview a game that wasn’t decided yet (though, isn’t that what sports broadcasting is all about???).

Anyway, next week’s show will be fully dedicated to the World Series. For now, why not talk some football? We’ve reached the halfway point of the 2016-17 season. Some teams have lived up to their standards, while other teams should be contracted. This week’s guest will help rundown some of the different things happening in the National Football League.

Before we get into that and the rest of Episode 45, as a reminder, The Bridge is now broadcast as a one hour radio show every Wednesday night on Sports Radio America, starting at 7 ET. Once the dust settles from that live broadcast, the show is released as a podcast on iTunes and this website on Friday night. You can listen to the live show every Wednesday on Sports Radio America here or through the TuneIn app.

  • Sports News Read Like Real News focused on a Buffalo Bills fan who perfectly tossed “Tom Brady’s dildo” onto the field during the Bills v. New England Patriots game on Sunday (3:09).
  • “Wait, Who?!” tells the story of a Green Bay Packers wide receiver who scored a touchdown on his first career catch, but had some ‘splaining to do when some of his old tweets were brought to light during the game (8:47).
  • This week’s guest is Frank Schwab, an NFL writer and editor for the Shutdown Corner blog for Yahoo Sports. Frank quickly established himself as a fantastic beat writer, first covering Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers before taking over the Denver Broncos beat for seven seasons (2003-2010) and then the Air Force football beat. He then took his talent to Yahoo Sports and has been doing some fantastic work ever since. We’ll discuss some of his career as a beat writer before diving into some of the major storylines in the National Football League at the halfway point of the season.
  • You can follow him on Twitter @YahooSchwab. The interview starts at the 18:20 mark.
  • In the interview, we discuss:
  • If he’s related to Howie Schwab, the former star of the ESPN show, ‘Stump the Schwab’ (18:44), who is the most famous person following him on Twitter (19:38), what made him want to be a sports writer (21:21), what his first job was in sports media (24:03), the biggest challenges of being a beat writer for an NFL team (25:41), if there was any competition with the other newspapers covering the Bronsos in Colorado (28:05), the disappointment when his newspaper dropped the Broncos beat (29:52), returning to the beat for one game (Tim Tebow’s playoff win over Pittsburgh) and how much fun it was covering Air Force football (30:34), how he left the newspaper business for Yahoo Sports and what he does now (32:52), how working with Greg Cosell, the legendary senior producer for NFL Films, has helped him cover football (36:19), what have been some of the biggest storylines in the AFC (39:06), what teams could contend with the Patriots (42:24), why he thinks the Dallas Cowboys could be a dark horse to reach the Super Bowl in the NFC (44:55), if the biggest storyline in the NFC has been disappointing starts to the season (46:58) and if there’s any cause for concern for the drops in NFL ratings (49:30).

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