The Bridge Ep. 43: Scott Kacsmar, NFL writer and stat guru, joins the show to discuss some of the stat databases he’s helped create and some QB storylines in the NFL

We’re right on the cusp of finding out which two teams will be playing in the Fall Classic, and we’ve spent the last three episodes of The Bridge focused on the MLB playoffs. But this week, since the show was recorded with both championship series still underway, we turned our focus back to the National Football League and hit on some discussion regarding stats and quarterbacks.

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  • Sports News Read Like Real News recognized Major League Baseball for having the audacity to auction off Zach Britton’s “game used” AL Wild Card jersey, and what other sports memorabilia we might want to start saving up for that could hit the streets in the future (2:18).
  • Wait, Who?!” tells the story of a Miami Dolphins running back who took a page out of Ricky Williams’ playbook, without the weed (7:40).
  • The Bridge Question of the Week is: Who are the best and worst quarterbacks in the league up to this point? Call or text in your answer to 929-BRIDGE7, that’s 929-274-3437, and you’ll make it on the next show (12:07).
  • This week’s guest is Scott Kacsmar, and NFL writer for several platforms and stats guru for all things football. Scott’s interest in compiling statistics led him to creating a log of quarterback starts for Pro Football Reference and data for fourth quarter comebacks and game-winning drives, both of which ended up changing some previously believed stats and records. He continues to have a strong grasp of the stats side of things, especially with quarterbacks, and his writings can be found throughout several different websites and mediums.
  • You can read Scott’s work and find out more about him here, and follow him on Twitter @FO_scottkacsmar. The interview starts right after the 16:15 mark.
  • In the interview, we discuss:
  • How he got started focusing on the statistics sides of things and doing it for a living (16:31), how much time and effort goes into compiling the stats (21:23), some of the more interesting game-winning drives and fourth quarter comeback stats, including the Green Bay QBs (24:45), if there’s a perfect formula to building a Super Bowl winner (27:07), why sacks is one of his favorite stats (30:52), his top five quarterbacks of the now and of all-time (32:56), why Peyton Manning is his No. 1 pick (35:22), if there was any surprise to Tom Brady getting right back on the horse (36:42), if there’s any teams who can take down the Patriots (38:23), if we should be worried about Aaron Rodgers or R-E-L-A-X (41:17), if Tony Romo should take his job back from Dak Prescott upon his return from injury in Dallas (44:25), what quarterback has surprised so far this season (47:49) and what storylines we should look out for the rest of the season (49:23).

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