The Bridge Episode 20: Bleacher Report NFL columnist Brad Gagnon joins the show to chat SB50, Peyton and Cam, and where both players go from here

Ladies and gentleman, the inaugural The Bridge Super Bowl recap special has arrived.


I know, I know. The Super Bowl was almost two weeks ago. The Broncos beat the Panthers 24-10. We get it. But that’s why I kept my rant limited before bringing on this week’s guest.

Brad Gagnon, a NFL columnist for Bleacher Report, first caught my eye with his piece at the beginning of February entitled, ‘Champ of Choker: Inside Peyton Manning’s Complicated Legacy.’ It was one of the most thorough, statistically informative and down-the-middle stories involving “P. Money” that I think I’ve read.

So, Brad and I chatted about the keys to winning the Super Bowl, Cam’s postgame antics, Peyton’s legacy now and where the Broncos may go from here if this season was in fact Manning’s last rodeo. The lead in to the interview starts at the 6:00 minute mark. You can follow Brad on Twitter at @Brad_Gagnon.

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