The Bridge Ep. 74: Eno Sarris, baseball and beer connoisseur, joins the show to discuss writing about baseball, writing about beer, some big picture topics in the MLB and more

Eno Sarris

After a week’s vacation for Independence Day, The Bridge returned with vengeance. That may sound a little strong, but you get the idea. While many members of the sports media are taking their well deserved vacations, this show is relishing at the chance to chat with the non-vacationers about what it’s like covering sports, not the sports they cover. This week, we’ve got baseball and beer. What’s more American than that?

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  • “Sports News Read Like Real News” throwback told the tale of the “Ode to Mike Francesa” monologue performed during the Zaun for Good contest, live at this year’s FrancesaCon, and includes audio from the contest itself, which was hosted by Chris “Mad Dog” Russo impressionist, Mike Benevento (3:37).
  • The Bridge Question of the Week is: What is your favorite beer and why? Call in or text in your answer to 929-BRIDGE7, that’s 929-274-3437, and you’ll make it on the next show.
  • This week’s guest was Eno Sarris, a writer of baseball for FanGraphs and a writer of beer for October. Eno writes both analytically with stats and personally with players from having access to the locker room as a member of the Baseball Writers Association of America. We’ll talk about how he ended up writing about baseball, how he started writing about beer, some analysis of a couple of major talking points in the MLB and much more.
  • You can follow Eno on Twitter @enosarris. The interview starts at the 13:06 mark.

– In the interview, we discuss:

If he can throw a knucklecurve or slutter (13:41), top beers and sandwiches (14:32), where he got his start career-wise before baseball writing (17:14), if the whole writing thing came easy (20:15), his e-book A Baseball Lover’s Guide for Craft Beer (22:11), the best and worst beers at ballparks (25:26), if he’s considered opening up a beer and sandwich shop or writing about grips (28:21),  how much time he spends at the ballpark and fans going in general (30:44), should pitchers throw more breaking balls (33:49), his favorite pitchers (37:13), why Zack Greinke and Joey Votto are two of his favorite players to cover (42:23), how players are able to continue evolving with the game (43:40), if there will ever be advanced stats to create a truly level playing field (47:11), a player he enjoys watching the most (52:01) and if he’ll be able to make his children baseball prodigies (54:57).

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