The Bridge Ep. 73: Brian Geltzeiler, founder of Hoops Critic and host on SiriusXM NBA Radio, joins the show to discuss immediate reactions to Phil Jackson and CP3, NBA free agency, the NBA Draft and more

Brian Geltzeiler

The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry, but thankfully, such was not the case this week in one of my favorite shows to date. Our plan was to chat some NBA Draft and take it easy this week, but when two of the biggest bombs of the NBA offseason dropped on the morning before this show was recorded, the direction of the show needed to change, and quickly. So that’s what it feels like to do a real life radio show! More will surely be coming soon, starting Friday at midnight ET. Hold on to your butts.

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  • “Sports News Read Like Real News” told the tale of Tim Tebow getting the call to the High-A affiliate with the New York Mets, even if he numbers might not warrant the move (2:28).
  • The Bridge Question of the Week is: Which NBA team won the month of June and why? Call in or text in your answer to 929-BRIDGE7, that’s 929-274-3437, and you’ll make it on the next show.
  • This week’s guest was Brian Geltzeiler, founder of and host on SiriusXM NBA Radio. The plan for our chat was the usual discussion about his sports media career before hitting on the NBA Draft, but two of the biggest bombs of the NBA offseason were dropped on the morning of our scheduled interview and changed all of that. Thankfully, Brian was still gracious enough to join the show and provided some incredible insight and his immediate reactions to the still breaking news of the New York Knicks parting ways with Phil Jackson, and Chris Paul’s decision to leave the Clippers for the Houston Rockets. We also chatted about what that means for all parties involved, possible free agency moves of Paul George and others, some anecdotes from covering the NBA draft and more.
  • You can follow Brian on Twitter @hoopscritic. The interview starts at the 8:42 mark.

– In the interview, we discuss:

Reaction to James Dolan and the New York Knicks parting ways with president Phil Jackson (9:08), where the Knicks go from here (12:30), how the Chris Paul and James Harden pairing will work out (14:33), the short-term and long-term for the Los Angeles Clippers (17:41), if Paul George will be dealt and to where (20:29), if the Los Angeles Lakers are headed in the right direction (22:57), if the Sixers are headed in the right direction (25:45), if it’s time for the Boston Celtics to make some moves (28:37), what sticks out from covering the NBA Draft (30:50), what teams and players will try to do next season (32:01), what might happen with Gordon Hayward (33:25), interest in the BIG3 (34:06) and where you can find his work (35:04).

  • “Good Try, Good Effort” recognized more of Craig Carton’s distain for Mike Francesa (37:24), Lamar Odom coming back at Stephen A. Smith (41:30), tape delay and injuries in the BIG3 (42:53), James Dolan and his band (44:09), NBA Draft spoilers (46:16), McEnroe v. Serena (47:43) and Miguel Montero’s big mouth (51:36).

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