The Bridge Ep. 72: Robin Lundberg, sports radio and television savant, joined the show discuss how he got started in sports media, his shows on local and national radio, why LeBron is better than Jordan and much more

Robin Lundberg

We could have focused yet another show on the NBA and previewed the draft. We didn’t. Instead, let’s talk sports radio and television, working at ESPN, sports media as a whole, why The King is better than the GOAT and much more.

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  • “Sports News Read Like Real News” told the tale of Dwight Howard’s unfortunate trade timing during a trade Q & A (2:18).
  • The Bridge Question of the Week is: What are your thoughts on the NBA Draft? Call in or text in your answer to 929-BRIDGE7, that’s 929-274-3437, and you’ll make it on the next show.
  • This week’s guest was Robin Lundberg, who’s been successfully patrolling the sports media world for more than a decade. Not only does he share one of the best last names in the world, you’ve also heard him on ESPN radio locally in New York as well as at a national level, and have seen on TV on ESPN, Fox, CNN, and more. We’ll chat about interning at Around the Horn, his shows on ESPN Radio, being part of the layoffs, sports media as a whole, what he’s up to now and much more.
  • You can follow Robin on Twitter @robinlundberg. The interview starts at the 9:12 mark.

– In the interview, we discuss:

If he was in the stands for the Duke “Miracle Minute” (9:33), getting to cover sports at Maryland (10:24), when he knew he wanted to pursue sports media (11:25), interning at Around the Horn (12:30), how that show impacted the sports debate culture (13:36), joining Max Kellerman at Fox Sports (15:21), getting in at ESPN New York (15:45), how he found his radio voice (17:33), if there were doubts of making it (18:54), dealing with Twitter trolls (20:01), his favorite sketch from the Max Kellerman show (21:02), doing Man on the Street in New York (22:49), what it meant to get his own show (23:54), developing chemistry with Ryan Ruocco and Mike Golic Jr. (25:25) and having the best hair of the trio (28:19), how the hell he was able to do a radio show at 4 in the morning (28:57) and how he scheduled his day (30:00), if he’s ever been nervous to go on major platforms (31:26), if there’s a preference between television and radio (33:10), the preparation for a radio show (34:08), doing radio interviews (35:25) and dealing with callers (36:17), being part of the ESPN (37:42), how his show Stick to Sports got started (41:31), working as the producer for both co-hosts of First Take (43:24), why LeBron James is better than Michael Jordan (44:16) and what’s next (47:45).

  • “Good Try, Good Effort” recognized Joe Buck’s girlfriend mistake during the U.S. Open broadcast (49:02).

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