The Best of The Bridge: Episodes 50-99 [Episode 100]

The Bridge has made it to 100 episodes, and what an 100 episodes it’s been. Hence, instead of breaking down the first Super Bowl title in Philadelphia Eagles history, we’ll celebrate that milestone instead! We’ll recap the best segments and interviews from episodes 50 to 99 of The Bridge and The Bridge Sports Podcast.

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  • “Sports News Read Like Real News” throwback told the tale of New York Knicks owner James Dolan’s attempt to take down Knicks legend Charles Oakley (3:59).
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Somehow, someway, 100 episodes of The Bridge, and what an 100 episodes it’s been. Well, maybe three quarters or 60 percent or so of them, I’d rather not hear how I sounded in the early ones. By show 50, the show really started to find its stride, with staple segments like Sports News Read Like Real News to lead off the show and Good Try, Good Effort to end it. We’ve added a gambling segment with Donnie RightSide, a movie review segment with Joe Baress, Wait, Who?! to pay homage to some of the more unknown athletes in sports, The Drawbridge to compare something now to something then, Run it Back, Same Teams to flash back to previous interviews had on the show, and the newest segment, The What??, to highlight the best soundbites and quotes from the previous week in sports. We’ve had more than 50 guests through the 49 shows and I continue to thank my lucky stars that there’s still people who will agree to come on a show that they’ve never heard of, with a host they wouldn’t know if he fell on them. With that said, here are some of the best segments and best guests from episode 50 to 99.

  • Jerry Kramer, Green Bay Packers legend and now NFL Hall of Famer, Class of 2018 ~ (9:58)
  1. What making it into the Hall of Fame would mean to him
  2. Not selling his Super Bowl 2 ring
  1. The inspiration behind his popular show segment, The Hot Box
  1. Ranting on Kevin Durant leaving the Thunder for the team that beat him, Golden State
  2. Ranting on NBA teams resting their players
  • Sports News Read Like Real News ~ ‘Twas the Night Before Madness (30:20)
  1. Traveling to Latvia, the homeland of Kristaps Porzingis
  • Sports News Read Like Real News ~ ESPN 8 “The Ocho” becomes a reality (41:23)
  1. Getting a champagne bath from Derek Jeter
  2. The pork chop on a stick segment
  1. Interviewing Mike and the Mad Dog while in high school and getting that footage on the 30 for 30
  1. Getting benched by Peyton Manning
  2. The “Immaculate Deflection”
  1. Deciding to play streetball full-time
  2. Who from the AND1 Mixtape Tour days would make up his BIG 3 team
  1. Interning at WFAN for Mike and the Mad Dog
  1. Breaking the wall between Francesa and Mongo Nation and the ‘Back Aftah Dis’ t-shirt
  • Sour Shoes, Mike from Mahopac ~ @powerofsour (1:15:37)
  1. The one, the only, Sour Shoes

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