The Bridge Episode 25: Senior NFL writer/draft analyst Jeff Risdon joins the show for an in-depth preview the 2016 NFL Draft

NFL fans rejoice — the draft has arrived!

This year’s draft at Grant Park in Chicago might not have as much juice as last year since the first two projected picks didn’t play each other in the National Championship, but still, there’s more than enough buzz to go around.

The Los Angeles Rams and Philadelphia Eagles traded a wheelbarrow of picks to move up to No. 1 and 2, respectively, and are slated to both take quarterbacks for the third instance of that in the last five drafts.

That means some other worthy players are bound to be on the board, and some teams might also be poised to try and trade up to snag them.

Joining The Bridge this week is Jeff Risdon, a senior NFL writer and draft analyst at, a senior NFL draft analyst for, an editor for the Detroit Lions focused SideLion Report website and a contributor for ESPN 96.1. He’ll be in Chicago on Saturday and, as you can see, knows a thing or two about the NFL Draft.

Jeff offered some insight on what we could expect to see while watching the draft, how he goes about rating his prospects (which you can see here) and projecting a mock draft (which you can see here), what attributes the No. 1 and 2 projected quarterbacks have, which players might go too early or too late and how GMs might decide which player to pick once they’re on the clock.

Be sure to follow Jeff on Twitter for some insight as the draft progresses.

P.S. I purchased a soundboard, and integrated some of those sounds into the beginning of the show. You’re welcome. The interview with Jeff starts a little bit after the 7:00 minute mark.

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