The Bridge Ep. 34: Evan Cohen, co-host of the Morning Men on SiriusXM Mad Dog Sports Radio and host of his own show on ESPN West Palm, joins the show to discuss his radio career, his sports talk shows and more

FALCon 2016 photo op. From left, Mike Babchik, Lisa Ann, John Lund and Evan Cohen. Photo by We Love Photobooths
FALCon 2016 photo op. From left, Mike Babchik, Lisa Ann, John Lund and Evan Cohen. Photo by We Love Photobooths

This week’s guest was a Part 2 of sorts, as I was lucky enough to interview one of the co-hosts of the Morning Men on Mad Dog Sports Radio, one week after speaking to the other host, Mike Babchik (which you can listen to here).

Evan Cohen is not only one of the Morning Men, but also has his own show for ESPN West Palm and Good Karma Brands in the afternoon, which we’ll discuss in the interview. He dreamed of life in broadcasting at an early age, and it didn’t take long for him to make those dreams a reality.

We covered a slew of topics, including:

How his passion for broadcasting came to be (6:22), what some of his early jobs were before accepting the challenges of working at Good Karma Brands (8:26), what responsibilities come with the title of Director of Content Development (11:41), a summary of the Evan Cohen Show on ESPN West Palm (13:50), how the ESPN West Palm show helped in the transition of adding a national show with a local show (16:40), the full story of joining SiriusXM, including how a visit to the Super Bowl and full support of his bosses led to the opportunity to work at SiriusXM (19:16) and the circumstances that resulted in moving to the morning show (23:39), how the Morning Men were formed (24:18), the relationship that management has with the show (27:38), continuing to get better in radio life with also balancing family life (30:39), how he as a broadcaster and the Morning Men as a show have evolved to what they are today (33:58), what it means to have a loyal following and family of listeners (37:38), his favorite Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo rant and some personal stories (39:33), how the interview process of the show works and the influence Howard Stern has on it (42:41), how phone calls and social media are implemented into the show (46:05) and the meaning behind his Twitter bio (47:54) before some submitted questions, including: if Billy Z was a food, what would he be (submitted by executive producer of Mad Dog Unleashed, Bill Zimmerman) (50:07); if he misses Bab’s Big Board (submitted by executive producer of the Adam Schein show, Jared Moore) (51:06): if he wasn’t a radio personality, what would he be (submitted by Lisa from Mushwear) (52:46); would he leave his children with Mike Babchik for a week if he could shadow Bill Belichik (submitted by PennFal25) (53:52); what is his most embarrassing moment of his career and what was done to fix the mistake moving forward (submitted by Matt, aka Packers Fan) (54:23); does he secretly like UCONN Al’s dirty tweets (submitted by UCONN Al) (56:12); and a fuck, marry or kill game with Tom Brady, Michael Jordan and Ian Ziering (submitted by Caitlin from Connecticut) (56:28).

You can follow Evan on Twitter here. The interview begins a little after the 5:00 mark.

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