The Bridge Ep. 32: ESPN Radio’s Jon “Boog” Sciambi joins the show to discuss his broadcasting career and the MLB

The dog days of July are upon us, but plenty of fun is still being had on The Bridge.

I’m thrilled to announce some new additions to the show that are featured in this week’s episode. First, The Bridge now has its very own phone number to allow listeners even more opportunity to connect with the show. You can now leave a voicemail or text in to 929-BRIDGE7, that’s (929) 274-3437. Contact the show with your questions, comments, stories or hot takes and you might be featured in the next episode.

This week’s show also features the debut of a new segment called “Sports News Read Like Real News.” The segment will give a brief rundown of a current sports story from the week, but read like a news anchor might deliver the information. This week’s topic? Deflategate.

It was a pleasure to chat baseball with this week’s guest — ESPN Radio’s Jon “Boog” Sciambi — the play-by-play voice of Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN Radio. You can hear him on the radio for Saturday and Sunday night baseball, you might see him on TV for Wednesday night baseball or on Baseball Tonight, or you may see or hear him on a college basketball broadcast in the “offseason.”

We covered a slew of topics, including:

How he got his nickname Boog (11:15), how he fell in love with baseball (13:13), how he got his start in broadcasting (15:48), his journey to ESPN (17:01), what the biggest differences from being a team-specific broadcaster to a national one (19:48), how he was able to deal with the grind of an MLB season (21:57), if there was more recognition as a local broadcaster compared to being a national one (23:36), what some of his different responsibilities are at ESPN (26:27), what some of the biggest differences are from broadcasting on the radio and on TV (27:37), what preparation goes into a game (30:47), some of the different things he looks for while watching a game (34:01), what some of his broadcasting techniques are and the best advice he ever got for describing a game on the radio (36:40), what some of his most memorable calls have been (40:28), how he’s been able to evolve with the game with sabermetrics and advancements in broadcasting (42:34), if there’s any cause for alarm for why the younger generations aren’t watching baseball and if they game can be fixed (46:17), how he’s been able to “Make Baseball Fun Again” with the help of Dan Le Batard (51:19) and what his best fan-given home run call has been thus far (54:06).

You can follow Boog on Twitter here and read his piece on sabermetrics over at Baseball Prospectus here. If you’ve got a home run call good enough to be used during a game, send a tweet to him or @LeBatardShow and use the hashtag #boog. The interview begins right before the 11:00 mark.

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